Cub Scouting 1 - 2 - 3

Welcome to the Cub Scouting Family!

If you could give only one gift to the young people who are most important in your life, what would it be? No matter what your family situation is, it is within your power to help these children grow into people with a good feeling about themselves and a genuine concern for others. Cub Scouting can assist you in providing this greatest gift of all. 

Cub Scout-age children benefit developmentally from belonging to a small group of peers. Your child is part of a den, a small group of Cub Scouts in the same grade level and who are of the same gender. Through this sense of belonging, children build self-esteem and learn to get along with others.

As a parent, you want to be assured that the groups that your child joins will teach values consistent with good citizenship, character development, personal fitness, and leadership. The values we seek to instill are found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Now that you've joined Cub Scouts, there are a few things for you can do to to help get started:

  1. Review the "Welcome New Cub Scout Family" handout to learn about how Cub Scouting works, how it is organized and your role.
  2. Buy your child their Scout Uniform and Handbook
    • Different handbooks for different grade levels contain Cub Scout Adventures that are scaled for the different ages and abilities of grade-school Scouts.
    • Uniforms and Handbooks are available at the Council Service Center, Neilson's Department Store in Oxford and Reeds Department Store in Starkville.
  3. Take Youth Protection Training and learn about how we protect children in Scouting. Your child will have age-appropriate modules called "Protect Yourself" that you can support with your training.

And most importantly....Have Fun! Cub Scouting is a family activity and everyone can be involved.