Unit Rechartering

Attention Unit Leaders (CC, CR, CM, SM, NL, EA), our annual unit rechartering process is coming soon. All our units (packs, troops, Venturing crews, Explorer posts) have a “charter year” that expires annually. Rechartering is your opportunity to make sure you have all youth and adults registered correctly.

Rechartering is done through your My.Scouting or ScoutBook account and will only appear as an option if you are registered as one of the designated unit leaders for rechartering.

A helpful user guide for rechartering can be found on the council website (click the button below), and you can also ask questions through NatchezTrace@Scouting.org, or call the council office (Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM) at (662) 842-2871 and ask for Susanne, the Council Registrar.

Internet Rechartering User Guide 2.0