Council Officers

The council is governed by a board of volunteers representing our council. A slate of Executive Board Members is presented annually by the Council Nominating Committee, as well as Council Executive Officers who are selected from the larger Board membership. The Council Executive Board meets four times a year and the Council Executive Officer Committee meets four additional times a year. 

The council holds an Annual Business Meeting in December to for the purpose of (a) receiving annual reports of the executive board, officers, and various committees, (b) electing members at large, associate and honorary members of the local council, National Council members, regular members of the executive board, and officers of the corporation other than the Scout executive, (c) receiving and approving financial statements showing the financial position of the corporation as of the close of its most recent complete fiscal year and the results of operations during such year, and (d) transacting such other business as may come before the meeting. Voting members include Chartered Organization Representatives, Members-at-Large, Executive Board members and Officers.

Position Name Telephone
Legal Counsel Sean Akins Email
Council co-President Ronnie Bell Email
VP Properties Lynn Bryan Email
VP Marketing Greg Burks Email
VP Administration BJ Canup Email
VP Membership Dee Coleman Email
Council co-Treasurer Carey Edwards Email
VP Membership Jay Fisher Email
VP Finance Bob Glover Email
Council co-Commissioner Mark Guyton Email
Council co-President Trip Hairston Email
VP Properties Tom Morgan Email
VP Program / Chicksa Lodge Advisor Vance Perkins (662) 231-3229 Email
Council co-Treasurer Brian Reithel Email
Council co-Commissioner Ty Robinson Email
VP Marketing Sid Salter Email
VP Operations Ann Stanford Email
Legal Counsel Mark Stewart Email
VP Program Brian Wells (662) 251-3275 Email