United Methodist Church and Boy Scouts of America

The Natchez Trace Council is focused on finding a solution for your Scouting unit that works best for all parties. These solutions are the culmination of a lot of discussions at all levels of the United Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts of America. All Scouting is local – our Scouts benefit from the relationship with your church and the volunteers that operate the unit’s program.

In focusing on your unit(s), the Natchez Trace Council wants to emphasize that your unit leadership should remain focused on providing, and planning, a quality program for your Scouts as we work together to find the best option for the families who have children in your pack or troop.

Your Scouting professional (district executive) will be given the necessary training and documents to assist you and will be contacting you to set a meeting to discuss the ongoing relationship between your church and the Boy Scouts of America. Please feel free to share any questions and concerns you have about how to move forward.

This meeting should include institution head/executive officer, chartered organization representative, committee chair and unit leader (IH/EO, COR, CC, UL) to determine how the unit will proceed.

Three Options - all are covered by BSA insurance

This continues the existing charter relationship; the UMC continues to provide a meeting place, the unit(s) continue to identify with the UMC as their chartered organization, and liability insurance coverage continues.


Option 1 details
The Natchez Trace Council, unit, and local United Methodist Church work to secure a new charter organization that aligns with the principles, policies, and leadership standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Under this method, the approved Facilities Use Agreement with the local United Methodist Church will enable the unit to continue to meet at the church and to store equipment at the church’s discretion. Liability insurance coverage continues.


Option 2 details
While the formation of units in connection with existing organizations is preferred, when conditions warrant, the Local Council may grant a charter for the formation of a unit independent of any relationship with an existing organization. Liability insurance coverage continues.


Option 3 details

File Name Description
BSA Liability Insurance Information BSA General Liability Insurance Coverage for Chartered & Affiliate Organizations Download
Natchez Trace Council & UMC Charter Options presentation PowerPoint Presentation of the Natchez Trace Council for UMC chartering options 1-2-3 Download
NTC-UMC Options Guide The United Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts of America have been partners in serving youth for over one hundred years. Our goal is to continue this relationship for another century. To keep Scouting strong in our local community, we encourage the Natchez Trace Council, unit, and United Methodist Church leadership to schedule a meeting together to discuss the THREE OPTIONS listed below. Download
NTC-UMC Recharter Options Letter January 2023 Letter to all Natchez Trace Council UMC chartered partners about recharter options. Download
UMC - Quick Reference Guide for Units Grid-style at-a-glance options for UMC Chartered units Download
UMC and BSA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) This MOU defines the positive, mutually supportive relationship between the United Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts of America. Download