Camp Seminole Troop To Do List

Simple tasks that will greatly help

  • Trash: any an all trash cans get used between formal events. Please empty! They are outside campsites, buildings and inside. Trash then needs to be taken to the dumpster at the rangers office.
  • Gear in the weeds: Picnic Tables, tent platforms, fire rings, bricks, benches… if a mower could hit it, please put it on the nearest concrete pad. Pavilions are best as it will help preserve items and will be easy to find. Any equipment that cannot be seen easily will be destroyed by the mower!
  • Dig up fire rings (tire rims) in un-used camp areas. Place them on the concert pad a the bathroom or pavilion. DO NOT move the fire rings in the campsites already mowed until the end of the summer camp season. (when in doubt – ask!)
  • Rebuild it: There is wood, bolts, drills and power at the work shed to repair benches and tables. No nails should be left sticking out. Bring 2 ½ in outdoor deck screws and battery drills plus bits! Handsaws for scouts! Again, place tables in pavilions at all sites when done camping. Every pavilion needs 4 tables!
  • Hoses: Frost-free hydrants only function properly if the hose is disconnected. Make sure all hoses are rolled up and placed on the nearby picnic table on the nearby concrete under a pavilion roof.
  • Trimming: hedge trimmers and pruning shears can be put to use just about everywhere. Saplings are not supposed to be coming up near pads or building foundations! Clear around all fire pits. Trails should be cleared 6’ wide and 7’ high of all obstruction so a cyclist can use it.
  • Fallen trees/branches: handsaws, shears, axe, hatchet work (tote’n chip practical use). The roads, campsites, trails, … all need attention. Check around the swim area and Eco area too.
  • Trail re-marking: Do not damage trees with nails or screws! We sell timber. WHITE patch under (or around) a GREEN frog mark is ok.
  • Sign replacement. Camp signs and posts need repair/replacing. Coordinate before hand on this as there are several that are going away. All buildings need signs. Direction signs are in bad repair or missing.
  • Shooting range: Ropes and exclusion areas are not needed if no one is using it. They need to be put on a shooting table. Repair tables, loose rails, and sweep up the area. Check for trash.
  • Shotgun wads and shells. Pick them up. More shotgun activity will occur AL OVER CAMP so this will be a big effort. KEEP SHELLS as we reload.
  • Bike maintenance: there are 3 camp bikes (or should be) that need tires aired and cleaned/oiled. They are supposed to be returned to the snack shack when you leave. Feel free to use them.
  • Staff area: cleaned, trash tossed, washed down, screens repaired, doors repaired, shower clean… lots of sapling trimming and mowing also…
  • Flags: there are bags of flags. Start a good fire and get going. Pick up the gromets once the fire is cold and put them in the brass recycling bin.
  • Clear 20’ around the burn piles. Add to them. Doug will direct you as to when it is safe to burn.
  • (truck & trailer needed) move the roofing out of the abandoned campsites that is on the ground. It needs to be in the maintenance area until needed. Disassemble the downed pavilion in the Chickasaw camp site. Move the unused fire ring to the pavilion.
  • Locate and map the Frisbee golf course.
  • Clear 50’ around all Frisbee golf towers.
  • Clear trails to join towers.

Bigger scout/adult stuff:

The maintenance yard needs organizing:

  • Restack outdoor materials/wood/metal. (check for snakes and spiders!) Everything should be up on blocks so it doesn’t rot or attract termites.
  • Trim around everything with a weed whacker. There are a few in the maintenance building. Bring your own with fuel/batteries. The implements and supplies need to be trimmed around. Knock down weeds in the barn.
  • Cut grass OUTSIDE of the maintenance area to include the trailers and perimeter. If it isn’t forested, it need to be mowed.
  • Metal recycling trailer: we need just aluminum, or just steel, or just copper in the trailer (or separate pile/container). Remove junk like concrete, plastic or wood. Sorted metals are much more valuable at the scrap yard.
  • Help restore the organization of the work shed. Pick just ONE thing (plumbing/saws/trash/buckets of nails or other supplies need to be sorted by type & sizes) Ask about tools before messing with them. Doug might be in the middle of something.
  • There are 3 mowers and multiple trimmers. Mowing is a constant need but requires adults to do it. Adopt an abandoned campsite.
  • Power wash all the camp tractors and equipment (2x a year). Mud dobbers are everywhere in the mowers and tractors.
  • Fix tractor seats and other equipment comfort pads. This may require coordinating a “new” seat or other expense.
  • Sweep out the storage building. A little organizing would be helpful too.
  • Clear out the old trailer of junk wood and re-organize it.
  • Build a battery charge bench for all the tractor batteries. 500ma trickle charges are $9.95 at Harbor Freight, plus it needs enough capacity to hold all the big and small batteries so they are ready for use after each winter.
  • Build a rechargeable battery shelf/bench to organize the drill and tool batteries. This is becoming a mess to keep up with.
  • Fix the roof over the wood storage area (it just needs to be screwed back on)
  • Make a checklist of a building (they all need one) and add it to this page. The list should be of all the routine things it needs, and any repairs needed you can’t do right then.

    Checklist: fill in what it needs

    • Building name/use____________________________
    • Date checked________ name___________________ troop____________
    • Door broken/loose_____________________________________________
    • Windows screen/glass/ frame____________________________________
    • Walls interior / exterior_________________________________________
    • Roof ________________________________________________________
    • Electrical_____________________________________________________
    • Plumbing ____________________________________________________
    • Interior / furniture _____________________________________________
    • Exterior / furniture / grill / parking / concrete________________________
    • Bugs / wasps__________________________________________________
    • Other________________________________________________________

Volunteer to help fix these big jobs (coordinate with Doug AND Garry)

  • Forestry work: contact Tom or Peter Birks for details. Basically this is a commercial forest and there are a ton of trash trees. Mark trees to keep (oaks/ hickory/…) and help cut down the rest. We have a chipper for up to 2 inch saplings. Pick an abandoned camp ground and go for it.
  • Flag a new hiking trail or help establish (map) a primitive camp site. Leave no trace, but clearing for safety is necessary.
  • Bug bomb and clean Bear’s museum. It is now the “Bear Cave” and it needs a sign, swept & de-mud dobber. Vacuum and mop down everything. Clean glass and surfaces. It may become a meeting room or rental cabin so it needs repairs.
  • Vacuum the walls (and decorations) in the OA lodge. Shampoo the couches. Wash down all furniture and tables top to bottom.
  • Fuel storage building. Garry is trying to get a work crew to put the metal roof back on.
  • Beaver Dam(s). Teams of 3 or more are needed to deconstruct the dams, watch for moccasins and move off the timber to a burn pile. The dead trees will need to be removed once it dries up.
  • Low COPE can use some attention.
  • Complete the removal of the obstacle course.