Pushmataha Cub Scout Family Camp

Cub Scout Family Camp at Camp Seminole will be hosted by the Pushmataha District! Scouting families will have the opportunity to bond and create lifelong memories in an overnight camping experience!

Pushmataha Family Cub Scout program is fun for the whole family! Cub Scouts and family members are invited to come have a blast as they take part in several games and participate in many activities!

• 1-Painting

• 2-Crafts

• 3-Bird Games

• 4- Birds of a Flock Hike

• 5-BB’s

• 6-Bow and Arrow

Families who attend the Cub Scout Family camp will spend their camping experience with the rest of the families and packs in the Cub World camp- site!

Cub Scouts and families will have a blast!


Schedule of Events

Friday Night Registration 5:00 to 8:00 Set up Camp (Open to units if they want to camp)

Saturday Morning (no meal provided) Registration 8:00 to 8:45

Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm Day of Fun

Saturday Lunch at 12:00 Bring a scak lunch!

Saturday Supper at 6:00pm in dining hall-Grilled Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Sweet Peas Roll 

Grilled hot dogs w/ buns Salad (lettuce, spring mix, radish, carrots, cucumber, croutons, cheese, tomato) Cookies

Saturday Night at 7:00pm Camp Fire-EACH UNIT NEEDS TO HAVE A SKIT OR SONG!

Sunday at 8:00 Breakfast-Biscuits Sausage patties Eggs scrambled Cereal Milk Juice Butter Jelly

Sunday at 9:00 Chapel at the Chapel

Sunday at 12:00 Camp Cleared